Lekto Natural Wood Firelighters

As part of the package Lekto wood fuels sent me was a box of natural firelighters. Upon opening the box the first thing I noticed was the size of them. They were twice the size of the ones I usually buy. So obviously the first thing to do was a side by side comparison. I lit them both at the same time and the much larger Lekto natural firefighter lasted about two and half minutes longer than my normal, now rather pathetic looking firefighter. This for me is a huge plus as it means the firefighter can really get going whilst amongst the charcoal.

For me, natural firelighters are the only thing to use. As I mainly cook on a kamado any kind of liquid is a no no as the ceramic can soak it up. This in turn will ruin future cooks by making the food taste terrible. Honestly nothing else is needed when you use these firelighters. For a long cook I just use one firefighter placed on top of the charcoal right in the centre. I then build a small tepee with some larger bits of charcoal and that’s all it takes. After 10 minuets the coals will be well on their way. For a hotter faster cook I add two or three on top of the coals and let them do their thing.

I really love these firelighters and once I’ve worked my way through my current stock will definitely be ordering some more.

Find the firelighters here