I hope most of you follow this man already, if you don’t - do! Every meal this man bangs out is a winner in my opinion. I think John’s presentation of his food is just about as good as it gets, I’d eat every single one! Below you will find out how long they take to prepare, what his favourite thing to cook is and a bit more about John’s relation ship with Arteflame and Spanglish Asadero.

You know the drill, sit back and enjoy getting to know John - Twisted ribs bbq

What is your favourite cook or meal?

This is a hard one to be honest, however away from BBQ…meal…. it must be a great Lamb Tikka Vindaloo, Coconut Rice, Chapati & Saag Aloo. If I’m out and a curry is in the plan, this is my go-to!!

Fav Cook: BBQ has to be St Louis or Beef Short Ribs (hence my tag)

I’m also a bit of a chilli / hot sauce addict….

What is your “go to” quick cook?

If it’s a quick cook due to time restrictions then I find steak tacos is my quickest cook, whether over charcoal or a burner these are great for speed. I look to see what I have in the fridge and tend to build from there (sometimes quite random). I’ll always have a pack of mini tacos in my cupboard, so versatile and can load them with anything you fancy.

What is your favourite rub?

It’s got to be the Chipotle Blend rub from Spanglish Asadero. However, they do a great selection of proper authentic Mexican base rubs, another favorite would be their All-Purpose Signature rub, a touch of sweet and heat can only be good. All available from Uk Grills and a selection of independent retail outlets.



What are your favourtie Rubs?

It’s got to be the Chipotle Blend rub from Spanglish Asadero. However, they do a great selection of proper authentic Mexican base rubs, another favorite would be their All-Purpose Signature rub, a touch of sweet and heat can only be good. All available from Uk Grills and a selection of independent retail outlets.



What grills or bbqs do you cook on?

Currently -

  • 2 x Weber Mastertouch Grills,

  • ProQ Excel Upright

  • Traeger Ranger

  • Gozney Roccbox

  • Arteflame Classic 40 Grill

I’m in the market for a bigger pellet grill so any suggestions would be greatly received, so many options and brands to choose from.

Where is your preferred place to get your meat?

I don’t think I have a preferred place, I’ll use different companies depending what I’m after. In saying that I only use Swift Brand St Louis Ribs and will buy them from wherever I can get them, then I’ll add other bits to that order.

What is your biggest cooking failure?

I did a brisket once…… didn’t come out like many I’ve seen on insta grids so I just dropped into a beef broth until it fully broke down and turned into some awesome pies lol

How long have you been cooking and what got you into it?

I’ve been cooking since I was a kid to be honest, I grew up in West London and I was exposed to all sorts of food from different cultures. My mum was born in India , dad was Irish so a great mixture of food. Also, Jamaican food was on tap, my best mate’s family was from Jamacia… if you haven’t tried Salt Fish and Bakes give it a go.

Been doing limited bbq for years like chicken, ribs, burgers, foreribs but not as a blogger. But didn’t realise there was a massive global community out there. I set up Twisted Ribs on the back of going to an event in Coalville Leicestershire in early 2019.

My mate suggested we visit this bbq being held at a local sports centre, I thought it would be burgers and hot dogs….No.. it was a full-on professional European event from memory linked to the SCA.

I was lucky enough to meet both Ed from Eds Own BBQ and Kev Edge from Edge BBQ whilst there, was absolutely blown away with their advice / support and what we feasted on.

Spent time with Ian McKend on the ProQ stand and learnt a lot and drunk a lot of Harbour Beer……that’s when I got the bug to go next level thanks to those guys. So invested in my first proper ProQ Excel upright and haven’t looked back. I learnt a lot from so many people since then and still do now.

What would be in your dream outdoor cooking space?

Firstly Location: By the side of a lake with a backdrop of mountains, however I’m looking at having an area developed at the back of the garden for some form of structure that would give me cover during the winter season. Proper work bench in the center with the grills around it and a small bar, studio lighting and a 50inch TV.

What is the best restaurant you’ve been to and what did you eat?

Being a curry addict I visited the legendary Cinnamon Club in London to experience Asian cuisine with a little difference. It was great to see dishes presented differently and try something new. This was a few years back and cannot remember all the dishes I tried (too many beers 😉))

What is the Strangest thing or meal you’ve eaten?

Battered oysters ….. not for me, I like them raw with tabasco and lime.

What do you do for your day job?

I work within Food Wholesale supplying catering trade businesses across all sectors.

Favourite saying or mantra you live by?

This snowflakes an avalanche !!

What do you do when you’re not cooking or working?

Spend time with my partner Claire and our 2 dogs Norman & Bear.

I used to play competitive Ice Hockey as a goalie but retired some years ago, still into it big time and a fan of the Boston Bruins (NHL).

Just getting into Paddleboarding which is quite good fun, have a local club near me so looking to join that and paddle during the winter months whether in the sea, on rivers / lakes or canals.

What is your Proudest moment?

I have a few however, becoming crew for the RNLI in Padstow Cornwall, I left the lifeboat service about 5yrs ago when I moved away from Cornwall. Having no previous experience in seamanship the training was second to known plus a weeks residential at the RNLI training college in Poole Dorset was a real eye opener, which in turn prepares you for whatever is thrown at you.

Seen some good outcomes and some sad outcomes, I often post in my stories during spring and summer RNLI educational messages which I feel are important for everyone to take onboard if you’re heading to the coast with your families. Swim Between The Flags / Float to Live !!

What is your favourite film, tv show and band/music?

Film: Snatch, Hellraiser 1&2, Hostel 1&2

TV: Real Life documentaries , MvF with Adam Richmond.

Music : Mixed bag as you’ve probably seen in my stories. DnB, Dub, Alternative, Punk Best band live Idles….

What would be your super power?

To be invisible …. when needed lol

What wold be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

A filthy fully loaded Donor Kebab and a chocolate milkshake !!

Your cooks all look unreal! How long does it take you to set up your photos?

Thanks for that, hugely appreciated but all I’m really doing is cooking my dinner. I try not to stage any images in all honesty, you’d be there for hours. Cook it, plate it, capture it from different angles…and use some props.

I use an iPhone 12 Pro Max set it to either RAW, standard or Portrait

Some come out good (depends on lighting) and some come out not so good.

Sometimes I pre plan what I’m doing regarding the cook and stick to it…..there’s been times I’ve been last minute dot com lol

I imagine its not two minutes, so how many cold meals do you eat due to getting the perfect picture?

Your right……camera bursts are never good…..I’ve been lucky to have a few hot meals, but like most of us we eat cold lol

Its down to the camera !!

What made you open your “Twisted on dutch” instagram account?

Trying to capture my cooks more bespoke to using a dutch oven. Now the weather is changing I’m looking at doing more in the coming months, there’s a completely separate audience out there but its more about linking with other well established users and learning from them. St Louis Ribs in a dutch oven was a first for me with other ingredients. This was probably one of my best cooks I done because it was different to my normal way.

How did you get involved with Arteflame?

You’ll remember the Sizzling Saturday Insta lives Hilary (BBQ Lads) and Jack (Jacks Meat Shack) did weekly. That was the first time I saw an Arterflame product which was a plancha insert for a Weber MT. I ordered one from Nick at UK Grills and absolutely loved it. Cooking on it led to other things which I wasn’t expecting. After a number of discussions I was given the opportunity to be part of Team Arteflame Europe. Though Arteflame was already very well established in the US, there was an opportunity grow the brand even further across Europe. I was also super stoked to find out the both Hilary and Elky (The Smokin Elk) were on the newly formed team as well. Personally for me this was a very big deal to be grilling alongside two very well respected people in this arena. Back in April Team Europe travelled to Arizona to take part in the Live Fire Social Grill event with Team US, crazy 4 days and so much fun. Shout out and thanks to both Nick and Mike from UK Grills for giving me this opportunity.

How did you become an ambassador for Spanglish Asadero?

This came via the relationship with Arteflame, Spanglish Asadero sent over some rubs to try over here in the UK back in early 2021. Again, using the product on different recipes and experimenting in my cooks led from one thing to another.

What in your opinion is your most impressive cook?

I don’t think I have any that I’m personally impressed by, I’ve shocked myself more lol

I could say ribs and the pull back you get if done right, but that’s pretty boring lol

If I was to say my most memorable cook, then it would have to be the triple stack bacon cheese burger fully loaded and sat in-between a crusty roll.

I got a dm from Weber USA asking to use the image for their site. Turns out they used my image to celebrate Memorial Day in the US. (31-May-2021)

Such an important time for everyone across the pond to remember those who had fallen. I kind of sat back and looked at the post for about an hour taking it all in….definitely a highlight for me.

What is your favourite Spanglish Asadero rub?

Miguel Raya Chipotle Blend – this is the money !!

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