Equipment I use

Below you will find a list of items I use regularly. Some are more important than others, and some are just nice to have. In no way am I saying you must rush out and buy these items, but they have helped me so far.

My Charbroil 2600

I've now sold my charbroil as I just wasn't using it anymore. It was too good of a BBQ to leave to rust away. This is what really made me start to enjoy cooking on BBQs. It's a good size (they do make a bigger version) - big enough for my family of four, but with planty of room for when friends and family come over. I especially love the way you can raise and lower the coals with the handle, which I've found has helped me prevent the food from cooking too quickly.

conventional charbroil 2600 barbeque

My Grden Grills kamado+ XL

There is no other way to put it, Kamado style BBQs are incredible. Since getting mine I use it a minium of three times a week, and I'm sure more as the weather improves. It still amazes me how it can hold a temperature for hours on end; even better still, once shut down the coal stops burning and can be reused on the next cook!

Meater Block

The meater block is amazing at getting large pieces of meat cooked to perfection - the best chickens I've cooked have been with the help of a meater probe. The app works great as well. It helps having more than one probe if you are cooking for two different preferences, for example on steaks.

heater block
Thermapen classic

Thermapen or Instant Read Thermometer

This for me is a must. Its such a handy tool to keep near you whilst cooking. I use a Thermapen classic and I wouldn't be without one now. It gives me so much more confidence to know everything is cooked through. It also helps in getting the red meats cooked to your liking.

Monolith Kebab Skewers and Rack

I bought these as I found some of the meats were sticking to the grills when using conventional skewers. These are perfect as the racks raise the kebabs off the grill. What made them even better was the "v" shape cut out, as it means I can turn the skewers 90 degrees, giving a more even cook.

Monolith skewers
bbq chimney starter

Chimney Starter

I was introduced to these by my father in law Phil. I think this is the only way to start my Charbroil due to the ease and speed. Even if you don't have any firelighters, a ball of newspaper will work. Just fill up with briquettes and place over the lit newspaper or fire lighter.