Pig wing wraps

I first discovered pig wings when making an online order with the company I get a lot of my meat from. I hadn't heard of them before and just thought I'd give them a try, and I am so glad I did - pig wings are incredible! Although not the fastest cook, they really are worth the wait. Essentially they are a pork version of lamb shanks - the meat falls of the bone after this cook and works really in wraps. It will help to have some kind of stainless steel basket for the veg, that way when they are sliced up they wont fall through the grill.

Feeds - Family of four

Time - 20 minutes prep, 4 hour cook


3-4 pig wings

Red wine vinegar and water (50/50 mix) in a spray bottle (this can be basted if you dont have a spray bottle)





Equipment used

Stainless steel basket

Trim away any large pieces of fat on the pig wings. Place in a food bag (ziplock bag) with the rub and shake until the wings are completely covered. Leave for an hour or two, or overnight in the fridge if possible.

Set the kamado up for indirect cooking and get the temperature up to around 105C (220F).

Slice up the peppers, onion and cougette and put in the basket.

Place the wings in the BBQ for three hours, spraying with the red wine vinegar and water mix every hour and flipping them at the same time. After the third hour give one last good spray and warp in either foil or butchers paper. Return for another hour, then rest for 15 mins.

Whilst the pig wings are resting, remove the heat deflctor from the kamado and char the vegatables in the basket.

Shred the meat and serve in wraps with the veg.