JD's Hot Honey

I first tried JD’s Hot Honey at the Altons BBQ World launch night party earlier this year (2022) and I was immediately hooked. Smothered over 18 hour pulled pork I was honestly blown away. The sweetness with the kick from the jalapeños is perfect. If you keep up with my posts on instagram you’ll see that it is pretty much the first topping I reach for when I make pizzas, it's just as important as the cheese for me! I can't wait to see what these guys do next and I know I’m going to enjoy watching them grow as a company and “try to take over the world”! (More 90’s tv show comments below!!)

What is your name and what are your main roles in your business?

Thanks for asking me to take part Stu! I’m Jade Dawson (hence the JD!) - founder of the new (ish) spicy golden nectar JD’s Hot Honey. I oversee everything to do with the products, marketing, sales, distribution and operations. Basically, spinning a lot of plates at same time - ahh!

What is your favourite product you make?

Gotta be the bad boy younger brother, our habanero infused XXTRA hot honey. The hotter the better for me. If my throat isn’t on fire, it isn’t hot enough!

What are your ambitions for your business and where would you like it to be in 5 years time?

We want to keep bringing this new sweet heat to as many people as possible. It’s something I discovered myself the last couple of years and it's changed all my favourite foods. It’s still a relatively new thing, it’s always a pleasant surprise, not everyone knows about it so we want to take it to as many people throughout the UK and Europe and also develop new flavours, new infusions and some exciting new products.

How long have you been going as a business and what got you into it?

We’ve been going for about a year and half. We started during lockdown just because I got my husband an Ooni pizza oven for his Birthday, we were making pizza every other night and using the grill when the weather was good, we started playing around with different pizza toppings, grilled meats, we’ve always used honey loads in our food, we love spicy food so combined them together and made our own batch. I’d always used BBQ sauce but this HH was another level. Our friends and family enjoyed it, they started using it and we realised there was appetite for this new sweet heat sauce so set up the business.

What is your favourite food/bbq rub and sauce?

Food - hands down homemade pepperoni pizza from the pizza oven (Friday night ritual at our house) with a few little picky plates, olives, artichokes, homemade coleslaw, oh and you can’t go wrong with some loaded dirty fries too on the side.

Rub - Angus & Oink Fools Gold and our fave

Sauce… come onnnnnn JD’s baby!

What did you do before you started?

I worked for a Tea company doing Marketing so had lots of experience in the world of Food & Drink but that was not where my passion was. I absolutely love this business.

What would be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

Give every person who shares this blog post for you a mil.

What is your favourite film, tv show and band/music?

I’ve the shortest attention span in the world, put a movie on and I’m asleep. Saying that, anything with Will Ferrel in keeps me awake. I’m all for comedy (love James Acaster) and series like Ozark. There was a deep void in my life when that finished. Music - is it wrong to say Steps, Backstreet Boys and Boyzone?!!!

What would be your super power?

To be able to travel anywhere in the world in seconds. Do you remember Bernards Watch? He could stop time with his little pocket watch. He was a bit of a legend. That one too.

What is your proudest moment business and personal life?

Personally, it would be taking the plunge into the business world on my own.

Business wise 100% partnering with Ooni who are the reason I started the business in the first place so it's great to be aligned with them now.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Try and keep my two young crazy boys alive. You’ll usually find me breaking up a fight as one looked at the other ha! No spare time these days.

Favourite saying or mantra you live by?

You know what it has to be don’t you… Drizzle, Drench, Devour, of course! I don't go easy on the sauce these days.

What is your favourite restaurant and what do you like to order?

Keeping it simple, but it’s just next level. We love the Fat Hippo chain. We recently had our hot honey on their April specials, their JD’s Hot Honey burger served with their JD’s Hot Honey and our chunky Jalapeño Flake and candied bacon vanilla milkshake - insanely good, believe it or not!

check it out here!

What is the strangest thing or meal you’ve eaten?

I’m a bit of a wimp I’m afraid but I can tell you that my hangover go to is super noodles with grated cheese on toast! That’s pretty strange (don’t judge me)

So there you go, please share this blog to be in with a chance of a mil if Jade ever wins big on the lottery. Please go and buy some hot honey it really is incredible stuff. I think I’ll give super noodle and cheese a miss but I can't recommend Bernard’s watch enough! A great show from my childhood! Thank you for reading!