Lamb Shoulder with Carrots and Potatoes

This is the recipe I came up with to cook the lamb shoulder my friend James gave me form his small holding. Check out the blog post Here. Once cooked the should blade slid out of the meat with ease and the vegetables tasted great thanks to the lamb fat running through them during the cook.

Feeds - four adults and four children with leftovers

Time - 30 minutes prep, 6 plus hours cooking


Lamb shoulder

6-8 good sized potatoes, cut up

6 carrots, cut into chunks

A red onion, cut into wedges

A whole head of garlic, peeled but left as cloves

Enough oregano and rosemary to cover the lamb shoulder


Roasting tray


Butchers paper (peach paper)

I used my Big Green Egg for this one but anything can be used as long as its set up for indirect cooking.

Set the kamado around 110C or 230F

Line the baking tray with the foil (I used two layers to help keep the juices in) then line the foil with the butchers paper.

Put the carrots, oinions, garlic and potatoes in the baking tray and sprinkle with some oregano and rosemary and a little olive oil

Cover the lamb shoulder with oregano

Lay the lamb shoulder on top of the veg and tightly wrap the butchers paper and foil around the lamb making a tight parcel.

Place in baking tray in the kamado and leave alone for 6 hours.

Take the baking tray out and let the lamb rest for 15 minutes before serving.