Veggie pit beans and jacket potatoes

This recipe is enough to feed my family of four for a good filling lunch and has enough for some left overs. I have a cast iron dutch oven style pot I bought from Aldi that works really well for the beans, but any cast iron pot or pan will work. I find raising the pot off the grid also helps to stop the food from catching on the bottom of the pot. I bought some small terracotta plant pot feet from my local gardening centre that work perfectly for this - it keeps the surface contact area to a minimum on the grid, giving better heat distribution across the pot.

Feeds - Family of four with some leftovers

Time - 2 1/2 hours without microwave - 1 to 1 1/2 with microwave


Three large baking potatoes

Any three tins of beans of your choice- I like to use cannellini beans, pinto beans and black beans

One tin of chopped tomatoes

A small onion

One vegetable stock cube




Olive oil

Equipment needed

Dutch oven/cast iron pan

Set the kamado or BBQ for indirect cooking at around 200C (400F).

Put the butter and salt in a small ramekin type bowl and either microwave for 30 seconds or place on the bbq grid to melt (do not place directly over the coals).

If you have the time, the jacket potatoes are great straight on the kamado/BBQ but this will take around 2-2 1/2 hours for a large potato. I find it easier to give them 5-10 mins in the microwave to ensure they are cooked - remember to pierce them with a fork a few times to stop them from potentially exploding.

Add the pot to the bbq to warm up, then add a small amount of oil. Place the potatoes on the grid around the dutch oven, giving them a quick baste with the butter and salt.

Dice the onion and cook in the pot until soft.

Boil the kettle and make the vegetable stock according to packet instruction and add to the pot.

Meanwhile drain and rinse the tins of beans and add to the pot with the chopped tomatoes.

Turn the potatoes over every 30 mins and baste with some butter and salt, also giving the beans a stir at the same time.