Bradders BQ

Cooking an amazing array of meals on his amazing array weber grills Jon in my opinion is an account that should have a much bigger following that it does. Which was another reason for me starting this blog series. Great accounts like Jon’s deserve to be found, I hope you enjoy Jons grilling!

What is your favourite cook or meal?

I love the slow cooks – an all-day smoke of a pork butt or shoulder of lamb will give amazingly tasty and versatile meat.

What is your “go to” quick cook?

Burgers are always a win if short of time, but I normally fall back on something chicken based. It’s such a good carrier of flavour and can be cooked in so many ways.

What is your favourite BBQ rub?

@Angusandoink x @Altonsbbqworld “Honey Monster” is a cracking versatile rub for meat and veg.

What grills or bbq’s do you cook on?

I’m a bit of a Weber Fan after getting my first Kettle about 10yrs ago as a “grown up BBQ”. I’ve now grown the collection (and trying to develop the skills to match) to include a rotisserie for the Kettle, Smokey Mountain, Summit Kamado and Go Anywhere. I also have a Kadai fire bowl which needs more practice for cooking rather than just sitting round with a glass of wine!

Where is your preferred place to get your meat?

@Villagebutchers has some amazing produce, but you can’t beat being able to go your local butcher to get ideas, see what’s fresh and talk through ideas. The guys at @brookmansbutchers are always helpful.

How long have you been cooking and what got you into it?

My first job at 16 was a pot wash in a pub kitchen, and ended up training and moving through to being one of the cooks which gave a good insight into some basic techniques, different flavours and balancing cooking times.

Cooking has always been a way of finding some time for myself and I wanted to come out of Lockdown with a new skill so got the Smokey Mountain to slow my cooking down, my life down, and learn something new.

What is your biggest cooking failure?

Sides and desserts are probably my biggest failure in general. I focus too much on the meat and forget the rest!

What would be in your dream outdoor cooking space?

An all seasons cooking and seating area. A place to entertain as much as cooking, with space to prep as well as cook on different BBQs at the same time. I’d like a cold-smoke setup as well.

What is the Strangest thing or meal you’ve eaten?

I was out with some friends to Dishoom and a bit of bravado led to me adding Bheja to a curry – that’s Lamb’s brain if you didn’t know! Was pretty weird to be honest and won’t be repeated!

What do you do for your day job?

I’m a planning consultant, so the day job is helping to get planning permission for things such as new homes, schools, and major regeneration projects.

Favourite saying or mantra you live by?

If you go home hungry it’s your own fault!

What do you do when you’re not cooking or working?

Running round after the kids, and trying to find time to get out running for myself. Can’t go wrong with chilling out with a beer and a film also!

What is your proudest moment?

Helping to bring up two awesome kids and completing the London Marathon.

What is your favourite film, tv show and band/music?

Film – too many to choose from to have “a” favourite. I’ll take anything from a classic like “Stand by Me” to anything from the MCU

TV Show – depends on the mood, but you can’t go wrong with Brooklyn-99 for a laugh.

Band/Music – I listen to a range of music styles and eras – plus with kids my Spotify features a LOT from KidzBop! But Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Red hot Chilli peppers, Matchbox20, Rag’n’Bone Man, & Pete Tong are all great and feature on my playlists.

What would be your super power?

Teleporting – I’m not a fan of travelling as it seems a waste of time, so cutting this out would be great!

What would be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

So many things… but if it’s BBQ related then it would have to be a trip round the world to visit the BBQ scene and variations to get ideas for the dream home setup!

What made you open your instagram account?

I started to put cooks on my personal account and they became a bit of a talking point in the office and someone said I should do an account. I had a look into the BBQ scene and discovered an amazing community that I wanted to be part of and felt I could contribute to, so BraddersBQ was born!

Your UK BBQ week pictures looked great! What was your favourite cook?

UK BBQ week was so much fun, and great to have themes to work to. My favourite cook was the short rib tacos – 6h smoked and back in the smokey mountain for another 4h beer braising before shredding and used in to tacos. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners of the week for this cook too!