Waz' BBQ Hut

This week I have another small business that seems to be going from strength to strength. I have to admit I haven’t tried Warren’s sauces - yet! Watch this space as there is an order incoming and as always I will post my findings. They all sound incredible but the gentleman’s choice - an apple and bourbon sauce - sounds good in particular to me.

Enjoy getting to know Warren or Waz (pronounced was) a little better!

What is your name and what are your main roles in your business?

Hi I’m Warren Kimber -AKA Waz - & am the founder - along with my wife and kids - of my family run business, Waz’ BBQ Hut (pronounced Woz’s). As the man behind the business, I tend to wear many hats. My main role is creating recipes for our range of sauces. But it doesn’t stop there. I cook, bottle, label, pack and ship our products, with the help of my amazing family, in our small purpose-built building at the bottom of the garden called: The Hut

Is your business your full time job?

Sadly not….but that is my ultimate goal.

What is your favourite product you make, produce or sell?

That’s like asking someone to pick their favourite child…..but if I HAVE to say, at this moment in time it would have to be my sauce Gentleman’s Choice – that is an Apple & Bourbon sauce or the latest one I’m working on………

What are your ambitions for your business and where would you like it to be in 5 years time?

My ambitions would be for the business to be doing well enough for it to be my full time job. I would still want it to be a family run business. But most importantly for the sauces I create to help people not change what or how they cook, but to experiment with my sauces & elevate the flavours of not just their favourite BBQ but an everyday meal even one’s Grandma would be proud of!

What is your favourite bbq rub and sauce?

It’s difficult to choose just one favourite rub as this country has amazing producers of rubs so I could be here all day listing them. But as I have to narrow it down, it would be The Rusty BBQ Co’s IPA rub @therustybbqco & at the moment experimenting with a range of rubs my brother has produced in Australia @saucdlownslow. As for sauces, mine of course @waz_bbq_hut ☺ but on a more serious note, I have to say BT Leigh’s range of sauces, in particular The Clevelander which is an American Maple Mustard BBQ Sauce @btleighs available in this country through @smithys.smoke.shack

How long have you been going as a business and what got you into it?

We’re brand spanking new and still shiny! ☺ launched in December 2021. How far back do you want to go because as a child I was always surrounded by food as my dad was a chef so I guess experimenting with flavours is in my blood – particularly sauces as I’m a sauce freak and had to have a sauce with every meal – I still do!

I’ve always made my own sauces as my kids have a list of allergies as long as your arm. So finding a sauce without their particular allergen is very difficult. So three years ago I seriously started developing a range of sauces that were BBQ sauces yet not your usual range of BBQ sauce flavours – I stand by my slogan “NOT just another BBQ Sauce”. And here I am running my little family business.

What did you do before you started?

Well, I’m still doing what I’ve done for 28 years and that’s run another self-employed window cleaning & property maintenance business.

What is the Strangest thing or meal you’ve eaten?

This is tricky as I’m always up for trying anything at least once. So have had things like shark, snake, zebra, buffalo the list goes on.

What is the best restaurant you’ve been to and what did you eat?

2 restaurants in South Africa. 1 – believe it or not as not much of a fish fan – but a restaurant in Cape Town called “Two Oceans”. They do an amazing fish platter.

2 – then off to Durban up the coast where my wife’s from to a steak house restaurant called “Woodcutters” for amazing ribs and steak.

What is your Favourite saying or mantra you live by?

When life gets hard I tell myself to “Suck it up Buttercup” and keep pushing forward!

What do you do when you’re not working?

My downtime is with friends and family cooking some great food or getting my motorbike out and hitting the road with my teenage daughter.

What is your Proudest moment business and personal life?

Seeing my sauces being enjoyed and spoken of highly by so many and walking into one of my favourite BBQ Shops & seeing my sauces on their shelves.

In my personal life? Not one but 3 proudest moments. The day I married my wife & the days my 2 children were born.

What is your favourite film, tv show and band/music?

Favourite Movies – depending on my mood, Gone in 60 seconds or Weekend at Bernies.

TV show – Blacklist or Big Bang Theory

Band/Music – I’m a sucker for country music but also enjoy Pink Flloyd & The Smiths

What would be your super power?

Ability to travel in time

What would be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

My dream outdoor kitchen and an airline ticket whenever I want to see my brother in Australia

How long have you been developing your sauces?

3+ years

What do you cook on?

I have 1…no 2….no 3; oh let me just tell you:

Braai from the Braai man

Traeger Ranger

Broilking Sovereign XL

Masterbuilt 800

Louisiana Kamado

Weber Q

How did you come uop with your logo?

My daughter came up with the name years ago when I built my small BBQ Kitchen. The logo itself was my design

How long does it take for a sauce idea to go into production?

It depends on the sauce. From idea to creating the sauce ready for lab testing – 3 months to a year. I started production after I received my 6 months shelf-life approval. Now pleased to say we have over a year.

What other brands do you admire?

The Rusty BBQ Co. Angus & Oink. BT Leigh’s. Saucdlownslow. And any other small bbq business surviving in these difficult economic times.