Back in the game

So I’m back. After some really unsociable hours at work and a very nice holiday in Coniston, Lake District, I’m back to cooking and writing. Obviously with me working loads and being away content has been somewhat lacking. I’ve managed to get a few cooks in but really not very many. One thing I’ve noticed is how much I missed cooking outside, so this is something I will hopefully be putting right over UK BBQ Week. I’ve started making plans already as to what I’m going to cook and (weather permitting) I’m hoping to cook on one of my bbq’s on each of the eight days.

Although I haven’t been too active the last few weeks, I have still been planning. The first thing is HUGE! I’m not going to say too much as it’s still being planned, but I’m going to be working with The Hunter Gatherer. I’ve been following Alex’s account for a long time and love his content. So watch this space… it’s a subject I’ve written about before and something Alex and I genuinely believe in. So please head over to his account and check it out.

The next bit of news is that hopefully I’m only a couple of weeks away from having an actual BBQ shack! I’m so excited for this as obviously it will mean I don’t have to worry about the rain. So keep an eye on my instagram account for the build progress.

The second project I have in mind is trying out different charcoal. We all know the big names, and they make some great charcoal but this is aimed more at the “craft” makers. The idea came while I was on holiday in the Lake District. I was walking around Grizdale forrest and in one of the shops my wife spotted some bags of charcoal made by The Natural Charcoal Company. All of the wood they use is sourced sustainably and locally. So I want to start trying different charcoals from all over the UK. If you know anyone local that can deliver to Cambridge, please let me know and I will start to build a map up of “craft” charcoal makers.

Now onto my recent cooks

First up was a great rack of lamb from my friends small holding. I really can’t put into words the difference in the quality compared to supermarket lamb. This time I used a Smokey Carter Tandoori masala rub with some yoghurt, and cooked it alongside spiced potatoes, cauliflower and charred pardon peppers.

Next I used a whole piece of sirloin I had in the freezer to cook some steaks from, searing them on the griddle - you really can’t go wrong.

I couldn’t wait to fire up the grill as soon as I got back from holiday. So the first thing we did was invite some of our good friends over and then went into town to get some supplies. I’ve really started to like prawns on the BBQ now so there’s only one place to go - Saffron Fish Co, spot on as always. Then to the market to get some veg to go with the rotisserie picanha. It’s the first time I’ve cooked it that way and it definitely won’t be the last, it was so tender and tasted brilliant.

Finally it was time for another pizza. I managed to find the new beer crust frozen dough from the Northern Dough Co. Stuart, a good friend of mine, wanted to see what all the fuss I made was about the last time I cooked pizzas on the BBQ, so this made for a great evening - catching up and eating good food outside with the fire pit roaring.

Lastly, I won another competition! This time I won a bag of Grden Grill No1 charcoal. Which is great as it gives me a chance to try before I buy. So a huge thank you to Grden Grills for running the competition.

So it has been quiet for the last few weeks, but the next few will certainly be the opposite.

Stu - Bbqfestu