Scotts Foods

For the first edition of my Nice to “Grill” You series I wanted to interview someone who’s food and cooking I’ve admired for quite a while. I didn’t have to think very long or hard before coming up with Scott, aka Scotts Foods. I’m sure most of you already follow Scott, but if you don’t head over to his page and check it out - you will find some of the best looking burgers and pizzas outside of a professional kitchen. And he definitely knows his way around a steak, just check out his recent entries in the Big K Steak or Break competition.

What is your “go to” quick cook?

When I’m in a pickle and short on time I usually go with burgers or smash burgers on the grill. Failing that I’ll knock a carbonara together in about 15 minutes or so.

What is your favourite rub?

For most cooks I use @angusandoink Texas Torque, I have so many other excellent rubs from @Norfolk_smoke_pit, poppamies, porkmafia to name a few, even the other oink rubs too. the simplicity of salt, pepper and garlic always hits the spot for me.

What grills/BBQs do you cook on?

I currently have an LG24 for bigger cooks, joe jr for most of the DAY-TO-DAY stuff, weber compact too which I managed to win on @altonsbbqworld grill or no grill, a flat top plancha which is great for during the week quick cooks, vesta and myti pizza oven from skillcraft too.

Where is your preferred place to get your meat?

I have had some fantastic meat recently from @butcher_gav from @yorkshireleanmeat. I have previously used @johndavidsonsbutchers for lots of bbq cuts etc and his stuff is always very consistently good. Those would be my two main ‘go to’ butchers

How long have you been cooking and what got you into it?

I’ve been cooking since I was maybe 10-12 years old. I used to help my dad doing the veg prep etc if folks were coming round. We would sometimes do ‘theme nights’ so it would be Chinese or Mexican sometimes even Italian. It was always great fun and it got me into cooking now and again

What are your biggest cooking failures?

Sides without a doubt and planning ahead. Many times I’ve had an amazing bit of protein almost ready, or sitting resting, then I end up scrambling about for something to have with it. One night we had a beautiful wagyu steak with oven chips. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on a bit and hopefully seeing things start to improve.

What would be in your dream outdoor cooking space?

I would love a pergola style outdoor space where the slats can be closed to deter the incumbent weather up here in Scotland. If I was guaranteed the weather I’d be happy to go without a roof. With a nice spaced out style where all the kit is sitting happy. I’d also love a large table/serving area to entertain folks whilst cooking and eating

What is the best restaurant you’ve been to and what did you eat?

We nipped in to Gordon Ramsays in the Paris hotel in las vegas on our first anniversary. We had some beautiful breads with oils and balsamic vinegar, for the main I had a NY strip and the wife had a rib cap steak with mash and roasted veg. To finish we shared a sticky toffee pudding and it was absolutely amazing. Worth saving up for and we would defo do something like that again, 10 year anniversary this year so you never know

What is the strangest thing or meal you’ve eaten?

I have cooked and eaten alligator burgers before. They were pretty decent, maybe need to give them a go again at some point

What do you do for your day job?

Supervisor for an industrial coatings application company based in central Scotland. Mostly consisting of setting up the guys, running jobs and carrying out inspection work.

Favourite saying or mantra you live by?

Fuck it, easier to ask for forgiveness than permission

What do you do when you’re not cooking or working?

Playing with the boys, football, nerf, gaming or anything

What is your Proudest moment?

Becoming a daddy twice

What is your favourite film, tv show and band/music?

Probably Top Gun for film, I listen to a wide variety of music but band music/indy is most likely my ‘favourite’ couldn’t pick out a single band though as there is too many to choose from, TV show would probably be still game, can’t beat a bit of comedy

What would be your super power?

Flying, no question

What is your favourite cook?

It would have to be beef ribs. Just love everything about them! Simple seasoning and let the meat do the talking.

What would be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

A van/trailer and have a go at event catering or pop ups something like that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the questions and answers, the wagyu and oven chip meal in particular made me laugh. I also feel I need to now try alligator burgers. Keep an eye on mine and Scotts socials for a live cook very soon!