Winner, winner wagyu dinner... on my competiton prize!

I hope you liked my first post and thank you for coming back. There have been some exciting developments since my last entry.

Firstly, I’ve had a logo created and I absolutely love it.

Secondly, I won a competition!!!!! I can’t explain how happy this has made me. The competition was run by Warrendale Wagyu, a British company based in Yorkshire, and the prize was a Kamado Joe junior and a wagyu bbq box. I’ve only ever tried wagyu as a roasting joint so I cant wait to try a steak and a burger. I am so excited about the Kamado Joe junior. I love cooking on my large big green egg but I did feel like it needed a little sidekick. Mainly for cooks like reverse searing, as I can do the low temp cook in one and get the other fired up for the sear. Or just have both at different temperatures so I can cook wings on one and a side like hassle back potatoes on the other. So a huge thank you to warrendale wagyu!

Thirdly, I’ve hit 1,000 followers on instagram. This is huge for me! When my friend Aaron opened the page for me, to be honest I thought what’s the point, nobody will be interested in what I cook. Apparently I was wrong. I’m amazed that over 1,000 people are looking and liking my posts. So I’ve decided to do a giveaway to celebrate reaching this milestone. As you will see from my posts I’m a huge fan of The Smokey Carter; their rubs are great and I use them a lot, so I have chosen my three favourites and will give them away as per the competition post in my instagram page.

That brings me to my cooks. I really enjoyed cooking for some friends a couple of weekends ago, it was the first sign of things going back to some sort of normality. I cooked a rack of St Louis ribs, and a tomahawk steak with some charred peppers and tomatoes. I cooked the ribs slowly for 4 hours in total, adding the tomahawk for the last 30 mins before taking the ribs out to rest and turning the heat up to sear the steak, whilst also cooking the veg over some coals on the charbroil. All in all a good cook, although I have some different ideas for the ribs. I’ve since done a trial, cooking two racks in two different ways, side by side, with my sister and brother in law as chief tasters.

Then I went on to a small cook just for my family. I had ordered some pig wings (yes they really do exist) on our last meat order as I hadn’t heard of them before. They are basically the pork equivalent to a lamb shank, and really good value for money - on the way to 1kg of pig wings was around £8. It was enough for us as a family of 4 and some leftovers for lunch. I will definitely be ordering them again.

I like to ask my 4 year old daughter what she would like me to cook for dinner from time to time, I find it keeps her interested and included in what we do (and I can’t ask my 18 month old daughter as the answer will always be chocolate). Usually the answer is sausages but this time it was chicken kebabs. So I let her choose the rub, which was The Smokey Carter Texas Ranch - a great choice - and cooked it with jacket potatoes and a whole cauliflower and broccoli.

The most recent cook was lamb shanks. This one wasn’t really a success. They tasted fine but just not as nice as I’ve had before - I think they need to be cooked in a sauce rather than with a dry rub.

Hopefully by the time I write my next entry, the new addition to the family will have arrived and will be christened with a nice piece of wagyu. Until then, check out my instagram posts for my most recent cooks and thank you for reading.

Stuart - bbqfestu

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Jacket potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli
Chicken kebab skewers
Pig wings