Hardwood Heat Logs

Firstly I’d like to take a moment to thank Lekto Wood Fuels for sending me the heat logs to try out. Maybe they somehow heard me complaining about being cold cooking outside through the winter. I quite often light the fire pit whilst I’m cooking outside, obviously for the warmth but also who doesn’t love a fire pit! It goes hand in hand with barbecuing and general outside enjoyment.

The first thing that I noticed when the package arrived was just how heavy these heat logs are. A pack of five is 10kgs! This goes to show just how dense each log is. After having a look on Lekto woods social media I soon found out that the logs could easily be broken up, simply by hitting them onto the ground. This helped me to fit them in my fire pit a bit better and also (as I found out) the heat logs expand a lot during the burn.

I used a small amount of kindling and a natural firefighter to get the fire going. Once the kindling was burning well I added the heat log portions and it didn’t take long for the fire to establish. I was really amazed by how little smoke came off them. Obviously there was a bit - it's fire - but as they seem to be made from a kind of compressed saw dust, I was expecting a lot more.

I love using my fire pit, usually burning off cuts of wood I get from the building site I work on, but it is smokey and although it gets hot as it burns the temperature is nothing compared to these heat log once they get going. I actually regretted placing my fire it where it was due to how hot and intense the heat got whilst I was cooking at the grill.

The log burned for about 70 minutes in total and there was very little ash at the end, which is another plus over burning the off cuts as they tend to leave a big pile of ash once burnt out.

We are yet to install a log burner in our house, but my sister has one so I gave her a couple of these heat logs to try. She was also impressed with them, saying they burned for about twice as long as the kiln dried wood she normally uses, whilst giving a higher heat out put. So I’d say she will be a future customer.

So thank you once again Lekto Wood Fuels for sending me the logs to try - giving me more of an excuse to get outside and cook some more!

Find the Heatlogs here