Dadderz BBQ

For this instalment we have an account that amazes me every single time they post. For those of you that don’t know Jack and Dexter are a father & son duo that are taking over the world one fantastic cook at a time. After chatting to Jack I found out that Dexter has autism and that cooking together is really helping Dexter develop and grow, rather than let it hold him back. With some amazing things planned for this year I can’t wait to see where life takes these two awesome cooks next!

What is your favourite cook or meal? (Yours and Dexters)

My favourite cook is brisket, I just love the whole process knowing at the end you’ve hopefully got this amazing piece of beef.

Dexter loves a good steak ribeyes to tri-tip he’s had them all

What are your “go to” quick cook? (Yours and Dexters)

This has to be smashed burgers for both of us so simple to do and take minutes.

What is your favourite rub? (Yours and Dexters)

This is a tough one, I’d say Dexters favourite is probably Angus and oink Texas steak.

For me it’s sweet bones and bacon.

What grills or bbq’s do you and Dexter cook on?

Currently we have an ovo kamado, master built 800 and an ooni fyra. I must also mention warren aka waz bbq hut kindly sent Dexter his Weber Q200 recently, so once I get a gas bottle we will have to see what Dexter cooks up

Where is your preferred place to get your meat?

Online It has to be the guys at @meatmattersltd

But I’m also very lucky to have some great produce very close to me in @worgansfarmshop and macknade @butcher_simon_macknade

How long have you and you and dexter been cooking and what got you into it?

I’ve pretty much been bbqin’ since I bought my first house 6 years ago. Then last spring when he was only 3, Dexter wandered into the garden asking if he could help with the charcoal and he’s been out there with me ever since

What is your biggest cooking failure?

Right back at the beginning I’d had a couple of ok cooks under my belt and decided with no research no YouTube that I was going to do a brisket. If I say that my Dr martens would have been easier to chew I’m not doing how bad it was justice.

What would be in your dream outdoor cooking space?

Something similar to what I have now just bigger. More space in the cooking area and maybe more of an indoor eating area

What is the best restaurant you’ve been to and what did you eat?

There is a restaurant not to far from where I live called the fire pit. They use traditional bbq methods but with an Asian twist. Highlight for me was the smoked Asian short rib

What is the Strangest thing or meal you’ve eaten?

Tripe sausage! Was on a training course in France in a small town. Only word I recognised on this menu was the word sausage and thought it was a safe bet. I was wrong

What do you do for your day job?

I'm an electrician by trade and I repair and service tower cranes all over the UK and occasionally Northern Europe

Favourite saying or mantra you live by?

Not very PC but “you can only p*ss with the c*ck you’ve got” was told this very early on in my apprenticeship and it’s stuck with me

What do you do when you’re not cooking or working?

Out on some sort of adventure with the family, you’ll find us either on a coastal path or woods most weekends

What is your Proudest moment?

Becoming a dad

What is your favourite film, tv show and band/music?

Ace Ventura Pet detective cracks me up even now. I’m more a true crime documentary fan rather than a certain show. I’m a huge rock fan so AC/DC is normally on

What would be yours and Dexters super power?

Dexter wants to be able to run like sonic and I'd want to fly, save climbing all these crane ladders.

What would be the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

The best camper van I could find

I've just seen your going on a road trip to A&O HQ. What are you doing whilst your there and are you stopping off anywhere on the way?

It’s a good 11hrs of solid driving so heading to Newcastle on the first day. Will stop in Edinburgh enroute to Aberdeen on day 2. Before a week exploring the cairngorms and obviously A&O HQ.

Well done on becoming brand ambassador for Angus and Oink. How did you find out and how long have you been using their rubs?

Thank you I was over the moon when they asked. I spotted their rubs years ago in garden centre and thought I’d give it try. Since then their range has grown so much you can get the flavours from pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Whats next as brand ambassadors for you and Dexter?

We are just going to keep doing what we are doing and see where it takes us. And if anyone wants to send us a bag of fuel from time to time we’d be more than happy to accept haha!

Whilst you and Dexter are cooking your way through life together, how do you find it helps Dexter?

With dexters autism he can struggle with things for example concentrating or hand coordination. As he enjoys this and there is no pressure for him to join it allows him to relax and input at his own pace rather than sitting down holding a pen.

I love the way Dexter seems to chose a good amount of the meals you cook. Does Dexter decide what he would like and then you get the ball rolling?

Some weeks I will have an idea of something I want to try or fancy for dinner and he’ll just help, but a lot of the time I’ll ask him mid week “Dexter, what do you wanna cook?” He will chuck something out there and I’ll make it work. Believe it or not he can be very fussy on a day to day basis, but if he cooks it he’ll eat it.

How did you find that cooking in particular helps Dexter with his autism. Was it a bit of a trial and error process?

It was a bit yeah. At the beginning he wanted to help but didn’t understand the dangers, over the time he gets things are hot, sharp or heavy and he respects that. He’s got an amazing memory and as he enjoys it so much it really helps him concentrate and as he wants to do it all the things he struggles with he practises.

We all know Dexter is the main cook, what’s it like being sous chef?

Its quite hard work working under someone like Dexter, he knows exactly what he wants. He allows me a have a few beers so can’t complain to much

I asked the questions below to the star of the show Dexter, and what awesome answers they are!

What is the best thing about cooking with your dad?

It's fun ans I love cooking with daddy

What is your favourite thing do when you're not cooking?

Playing with all my cars on my car mat

What is your favourite BBQ to cook on?

The big carrot one (orange ovo)

Does your dad always listen to your instructions?

No sometimes daddy says we can't do stuff. So we don't burn ourselves