Tandoori Masala Chicken Skewers

Another one of my "go to" recipes. This is great for a midweek evening cook or even a lunch due to very little prep and very quick cooking. I do like to cheat a bit on the spices and as you will know form my Instagram posts I love The Smokey Carter rubs. They make a great Tandoori Masala rub which is perfect for this recipe.

Feeds - Family of four

Time - 10 minutes prep, 15 minute cook (plus time to get the BBQ lit!)


3-4 Chicken breasts diced into equally sized pieces

2-3 Tbsp Tandoori masala rub

100ml of natural or greek yoghurt


Skewers (I prefer metal as when they heat up they help to cook the meat from the inside and they are reuseable)


Mix the chicken with the rub and yoghurt (leave for a couple of hours to marinade if you have the time)

Light the grill

Whilst the charcoal is getting hot, put the chicken on the skewers

When the the charcoal is ready grill the chicken until the internal tempreature is 75C or 167F