Orange and Chilli Beef Skirt

This is such a great, quick recipe and something a little different

Feeds - We normaly get a whole piece of beef skirt, this will feed two adults plus some leftovers.

Time - 5 min prep and very quick cook depending on your preferance of how you like your steak (plus the lighting of the BBQ)


A piece of beef skirt

An orange

Chilli flakes (add dependant on how spicy you like your food)

Cayenne pepper (same as above, dont add too much if you dont like heat)


Juice the orange

Mix the chilli flakes and the cayenne pepper together and add the orange juice

Leave the beef to marinade in the mixture for at least a couple of hours if you have time.

Once the beef has had some time to marinade, get the coals lit, I like to use a chimney starter as i find its quicker than other methods

When the coals are ready grill the beef and cook to your prefernece. Rare is around 52C or 125F and medium well is around 66C or 150F

This is great as fajitas or in a sandwich