Very late post

So it’s been a while, again. Life in general has been pretty manic, hence the lack of posts.

I finally got the chance to put the lights up on my BBQ hut. Its now very well lit and I’m hopefully ordering the roof this week - I’ve found a flame proof pvc that I can roll out when needed.

The lights were up in time for mine and @thehuntergatherer’s second live cook for “feed the family” episode two: chicken. I decided to go with fajitas, a nice quick and easy meal that can be cooked anytime. I managed to get the chicken breast from the local butchers - three breasts for £5 - and the veg from the market came in around £2.50. Alex for some crazy unknown reason decided to cook deep fried chicken, how his garden didn’t turn into an inferno I have no idea but great work and well done on the effort! We once again proved a family of four can be fed for under £10 using local produce, and Alex even managed a dessert!

We then had a nice weekend away for a friends wedding. On the way home we passed a huge farm shop in Stratford upon Avon called The Farm. I managed to get an amazing Boston chop with veg, so I reverse seared the steak as its by far my favourite way to cook big slabs of red meat. It really did not disappoint.

I also picked up and some new charcoal to try from Forestry Fuels. I now have around three “craft” charcoals so it won’t be long and I will be able to start comparing them all.

The dutch oven that was part of the kamado+ package from grden grills has now arrived, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the nights are drawing in and it’s starting to get colder - time for some very low and very slow cooks. I have some beef shin in the freezer from Sherwood foods which I’m planning on doing a chunky chilli with, so watch out for that.

In some other news, I won a Big K award in the “best burn” category. This means so much as it shows that not only Hannah, my wife, is impressed with my cooks and hours playing with fire outside! So thank you to the judges and all involved in the Big K awards. I already can’t wait for next year!

Now there’s another new bbq in town. I wanted something small to do some of my conventional cooks on. I was finding that my charbroil needed so much fuel even to cook a packet of sausages due to the surface area. So the Weber Go Anywhere seemed to be the perfect choice - check out my unboxing/building reel on my instagram page. Tonight was the first time actually cooking on it and I have to say I’m so impressed. A good friend of mine - Stuart - already owns one and he had said how impressed I would be at how little fuel is needed to cook. So I thought I’d put it to the test. I only used ten briquettes and managed to cook a packet of chipolata sausages, a packet of normal sausages and a packet of lamb kebabs. The efficiency of this grill is incredible. I’m only one cook in and already I love it!

@thehuntergatherer and I have another live cook coming up, hopefully next week. I won’t give too much away but the it is very seasonal for this time of year….

Only a short sharp blog this time. I have two lots of very exciting news that I can’t quite talk about just yet but fingers crossed it won’t be long and I will announce them! I’ve been working hard to get them ready asap so watch this space and I’ll see you all for the live next week.

Stuart - Bbqfestu