Grill Diary

On this page I will post a brief overview of what I've been up to and as many of my cooks as possible, giving more detailed descriptions in my blogs.

The First Solo Cook on the Kamado Joe JR - 16/5/21

So, after winning my amazing prize I thought I’d try it out solo, rather than just as a sidekick to the green egg. I wanted to start off with something simple and at a fairly low temperature, so I decided to cook a whole chicken with Angus and Oinks' 'jack and cola' rub. Using a meater probe, I set the KJ to about 200C and let it do its thing. Very impressed, and plenty of left overs for the week ahead.

A Full Roast Dinner - 23/5/21

We still had a wagyu roasting joint in the freezer that needed using. So I thought I'd do an unconventional roast. I used some garlic and herb Sublime butter I got from a BBQ shop and was very impressed. I cooked the potatoes in a roasting tin underneath the meat with a whole cauliflower and whole broccoli. My wife, being gluten intolerant, always misses out on good Yorkshire puddings so we tried a new recipe and wow did they work. Check out my instagram post for the results!

Sausage, tomato and gnocci 26/5/21

Something a bit different this time. We had some sausages to use, so I thought I'd try a quick one pot meal. I was very happy with the outcome. Very tasty, very easy.

Flat iron steak 27/5/21

I've been cooking a lot of chicken lately and wanted beef for a change. I had almost a kilo of flat iron steak in the freezer and a new Sublime butter (chimichurri) in the fridge to try. They worked really well together. I went for a quick cook this time being midweek so two minutes each side was enough, adding slices of butter for the last 30 seconds.

Prawn, chorizo and mango parcel 28/5/21

I'm not the biggest fan of prawns but my wife loves them. I had seen something similar on the menu in a restaurant so thought I'd run with it. King prawns, chopped chorizo, diced mango, spring onions, garlic and oil with some red chilli flakes all wrapped up in a foil parcel for around 15-20 minutes.

A quick morning sandwich 29/5/21

This was the first time I've cooked a breakfast on a BBQ. The sun was shining and I lit it whilst I cut the grass. Some bacon from our local butchers along with some black pudding made for a great reward.

Lamb shoulder 30/5/21

A lovely piece of lamb from my good friends small holding. A nice low and slow 6 hour cook but well worth the wait. Really filling with enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

Pizza rolls 1/6/21

The idea is there just needs a little better execution. I now have a pizza stone so hopefully this well stop the bottoms from burning.

Chicken and rice with corn 2/6/21

A recipe from simply cook I converted to the BBQ. It worked well and made for a good midweek meal.

Wagyu beef burgers 3/6/21

I finally got round to trying the burgers I won in the competition. They were so good, check out my instagram video to hear the sizzle!

Chateaubriand 5/6/21

The first road trip for my Kamado Joe Junior to cook a chateaubriand for my mother-in-law's birthday. Along with my wrapped camembert 2.0 - an absolute crowd pleaser.

Tomaporks with corn 7/6/21

Another excellent piece of meat from Sherwood food. They were big enough to feed two adults and two children.

Beef koftes with charred peppers 9/6/21

Beef koftes due to the shop not having lamb which actually made a nice change.

Tandoori masala chicken kebabs 10/6/21

Chicken on a stick is a firm favorite in our house. Easy to prep and easy to cook. Really tasty with The Smokey Carter's tandoori masala rub!

A 6kg pork shoulder 12/6/21

This has to be the biggest piece of meat I've cooked. It was for our company's Christmas party that didn't happen. A 16 hour cook for this huge lump of meat and it fell apart.

Nachos 13/6/21

My first attempt at BBQ nachos. They were ok but I think I need some more practice and maybe need a different cheese next time.

Burgers and corn 13/6/21

Some burgers left over from the day before with some corn made for a another quick cook.

Tandoori haloumi skewers 16/6/21

This was another simply cook recipe adapted to the BBQ. Haloumi instead of panneer with some peppers and onion.

Chicken with veg and spaghetti 17/6/21

Simply cook meals are great and we are finding more and more that work really well on the BBQ. This one was grilled chicken with onions and peppers, combined with spaghetti to make a really good filling meal.

My first rotisserie chicken 22/6/21

This has to be the best chicken I've ever cooked. The rotisserie makes such a difference and i cant wait to try it again.

Lamb koftes 23/6/21

A very simple cook, ideal for a weekday evening